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Cons and Pros of SEO Pay Per Result Service

Every website owner fully understand the importance of search engine optimization and the impact of a well optimized website on the amount of free traffic. As traditional (pay up front) SEO is slowly but surely dying off due to the fact that it has been exploited by scam offers promising but usually not delivering, a new SEO pay per result service has emerged delivering more for you money, which means you pay only once your website appears on the first page on Google.
In a nutshell, SEO pay per result service is a results based service and a SEO company will get your money only after they delivered the agreed results. This compared to traditional SEO, where you pay upfront and no results are guaranteed, is a pretty good deal. Also, you as a client have more trust in your SEO company simply because you know they will get paid only after they delivered results, which makes them really to work harder on your behalf.
Another good thing about SEO pay per result service is that you have an SEO expert checking on your website position each and every month during the length of the contract, as the goal of the SEO company is to keep you on the first page in Google. And the cost? The price structure varies from one agency to another but at you are charged on average around £70+ per keyword per month depending on the quality of the keyword (after the results have been delivered), with no set up fees etc.
From the above examples you can see there are plenty of positives of using an SEO pay per result service, but what about the negatives, are there any? With SEO pay per result service you usually end up paying more annually than when using traditional SEO. Of course, any money you pay with SEO pay per result service is always justified as your website is on the first page on Google and receiving valuable free traffic so not a real con there at all.
The only possible drawback of SEO pay per result service is that you are tied to a 12 month contract and that if you receive traffic to your website that doesn't convert and you don't see return on your investment, you still have to pay the monthly fee.

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